Bijou is expecting puppies!!

Puppies due around April 27, 2019.
This was an unexpected breeding with our “chill” dude Chamak (Roopa/Jozsi).  Chamak must’ve overheard us talking about breeding him to Bijou next year and misunderstood to think we meant this year.  Chamak and Bijou are best friends at home and are always making us smile at their antics, leading us to refer to them as our “Saturday  Morning Cartoons”. We had been looking forward to breeding them in 2020 and despite their unplanned, early breeding, we are looking forward to the sweet puppies we know they will make, who will be known as the “looney tunes”.


Heelmark Shikari Bijou

Heelmark Shikari Bijou

Pedigree: VizslaDatabase

Bijou is our young firecracker, nicknamed “Bejeesus”. A couple of days with this girl and you’ll be screaming “bejessus” several times a day but smiling the entire time. She’s as clever as her mother Aanya and even more sweet with a side of manipulation.

Bijou has had a fair amount of success in the show ring, shown only in a few shows (mostly specialties). She’s almost a champion with 14 points banked including 3 majors including placements over specials as well as  several sweepstakes wins.  Her biggest win to-date came early when Bijou won Grand Maturity at the 2018 Vizsla National Specialty at only 6.5 months of age. We’re looking forward to her future in the ring and the field.

Height: 22.25 inches

Weight: 45 lbs

Hips: Pending

Elbows: Pending

Eyes: Normal

Thyroid: Pending

Heart: Normal


Heelmark Shikari Chand Sifarish

BISS GCH Heelmark Shikari Chand Sifarish JH

Pedigree: VizslaDatabase

Chamak is our sweet, gentle boy out of our Roopa/Jozsi breeding 3 years ago. He has his mother’s movement and breed type and his father’s amazing temperament and relentless retrieving habit (never fails to bring back whatever you ask him to fetch, especially shoes).

Chamak has done well in the ring in his limited showing over the last 2-2.5 years. He finished with 4 majors, including 3 specialty Best of Winners, several Best of Breed wins and his first Best in Specialty win back in Feb. 2019 at the CVVC specialty.

Height: 23.5 inches

Weight: 52-54 lbs

Hips: OFA-Good

Elbows: Normal

Eyes: Normal

Thyroid: Normal

Heart: Normal