Our future, current, and past litters

Our future, current, and past litters2022-10-09T13:35:32+00:00

Looking for a puppy?

We have litters planned for Winter 2022/2023 and Spring 2023.

In general we breed once a year but sometimes skip a year or two. We have a rigorous screening process for our buyers as a Vizsla isn’t the right dog for every home. Please be prepared for detailed discussions as well as the possibility of rejection.

We will respond as quickly as possible, but please be patient as sometimes we’re busy with our day jobs or puppies. And feel free to reach out again if you don’t hear from us promptly.

If you’re ready to go for it, send us a  puppy purchase application

Louie & Zara “Beans by the Bayou”

1 boy, 2 girls.

Born November, 2020

Mojo & Aanya “Kings, Queens, Saints, and Sinners”

1 girl, 5 boys.

Born October, 2017

Jozsi & Roopa “Lunatics”

5 boy, 4 girls.

Born May, 2020

Mason & Rewa “Poetics”

1 girl, 5 boys.

Born April, 2014

Mason & Rewa “Class by herself”

1 girl

Born August 2013


We are happy to answer any questions you have about our breeding program, or vizslas in general.

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