In order to successfully potty train or house train a puppy effectively, being positive is key. But how do you make sure a puppy goes outside every time? Here are some tips on how to house train and keep your puppy from using the potty inside.

Take Your Puppy Outside Frequently

This is one of the most important first steps to teaching your puppy dog that going potty should be done outside. In the beginning, you should take your puppy outside into the grass at least once every hour, if not more. This includes in the middle of the night. It may seem difficult at first but will pay off later. As your puppy gets the hang of things, you can start to reduce the frequency. Remember that your puppy will not go every time you bring him or her outside. This is why you will need to go outside so often in the beginning.

Praise Your Puppy for Going Potty Outside

Each time your puppy dog uses the bathroom properly, make sure to give praise. This means saying “good boy/girl” and providing a reward, such as a clicker or treat. Some dogs are food motivated, while others may prefer the sound of a click reward trainer. These devices are very low cost and can be found at just about any pet supply retailer.

Use Redirection, Rather Than Scolding for Mistakes

Each time your puppy mistakenly goes in the house, it may be tempting to say “no” or shout or otherwise discipline your puppy. However, these actions can actually make your puppy dog ashamed of going potty altogether. In some cases, the indoor problem may get worse because the puppy then holds excretions for too long and has an accident. Instead, when this happens, take your puppy out to the grass immediately. This will help your puppy associate the grass with relieving him or herself.

Clean Up and Deodorize Accidents Immediately

Getting rid of the accident smell is one of your best mechanisms in ensuring that using the indoors for going potty doesn’t become a habit. Dogs act on scent and they tend to use the same spot over and over, based on that. Therefore, using an appropriate pet stain and odor remover right away is key to house training your puppy.

Be Consistent to Avoid Confusion

If some days you take your puppy outside every hour and then other days, it’s only a few times per day, your little dog will become confused. It’s important to keep the same routine going, reducing time slowly as your puppy learns. Don’t expect too much too fast. Be very consistent in training to keep your puppy consistent in learning. Doing so will ensure a happy, healthy, and house-trained dog.