Our story

After our  first vizsla, a rescued girl named Zoey, died in  2010, we bought our first “puppy” vizsla, Rewa, from Ruth Sinclair-Stephens of Heelmark Vizslas. In 2012, we followed with buying our second puppy from Ruthie, a pretty girl we called Roopa. By this time, we were fully hooked into the world of showing and hunting, and so breeding was an inevitable next step.  So, I (Ritu Mihir) and Daniel Zilka became first-time breeders in 2013 when we bred Rewa to the wonderful and famous Mason (from Regal Point). The litter was a small one,  a singleton puppy we called Aanya and so we repeated the breeding 6 months later to get our first full litter of 6 puppies, the “poetics”. And since then we’ve continued to breed occasionally and selectively but remain active in showing our dogs, getting them trained (and titled) for hunting, and giving them the best possible life a vizsla would desire.

We are supported in our breeding, showing, and hunt training efforts by a great team of friends who have become co-breeders:  Ruth Sinclair-Stephens, Graeme Burdon and Andrew Campbell. Each of us contributes different efforts and brings a unique skill & perspective to help assemble and carry forward the complex, crazy, yet rewarding puzzle of dog breeding.

With each breeding, our family grew to add some wonderful puppy buyers; people who have become great friends and our extended Shikari family. This reward, more than any other, has and continues to keep our adventure moving forward.

We’re located in beautiful central Massachusetts in the town of Brimfield, MA. Our dogs live with us as family members and so do any visiting dogs when they come around. We have 10 acres on our property with just over 5 acres fully fenced in, affording our dogs ample space to expend that vizsla energy and satisfy their curiosity (for the most part).


We are happy to answer any questions you have about our breeding program, or vizslas in general.