Chamak is the best blend of his mother, Roopa and father, Jozsi: energetic, dynamic, smart, and adaptive. He loves everyone and everyone loves him back, instantly! Chamak, Chimi for short, brings all his energy and enthusiasm to the show ring and the field, representing the vizsla well. He handily finished his show championship with multiple specialty majors. Then, shown on a very limited basis over the past few years, he earned multiple best of breed wins and group placements, a BISS win at the pre-Westminster specialties, a BISS win at the regional specialty during Vizsla Canada National, as well as a huge Select Dog win at Westminster in June 2021.

After Junior Hunter, Chimi skipped Senior altogether and went directly to Master Hunter — earning his six necessary passes in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and both North and South Carolina. In between hunt tests, Chimi also expanded his skillset by guiding in New York and Virginia. Over the winter of 2020-2021, Chimi also demonstrated his ability to adapt successfully to wild birds in both eastern Kansas and southern Georgia. For this 2021-2022 season, he will return to guiding and also pursue his Master Hunter Advanced title.